We begin almost every embroidery project with the same guidelines; we evaluate the artwork and determine: will it stitch as designed, does it need to be modified, etc. The parameters for embroidery can be very different than screen printing. Embroidery is a physical dimension; there has to be space for the needle and the thread to move in-between point a, to point b, to point c, and so on. There are very fine lines, small elements, and small dots. Things that we do so very well in screen-printing, extremely fine line and fine dot work, is simply not possibly in embroidery because there has to be room for needle points and thread in-between otherwise there is nothing to be seen. It’s a matter of looking at the artwork and deciding if it will reproduce as presented or do we need to recommend modifications that will make embroider better and cleaner.

Embroidery is a very complicated process and we find the best ways to overcome these obstacles. For each project, you must select pre-existing colors rather than mixing them. Digitizing is the process of taking the artwork and translating that into a mathematical language that the sewing machine can understand and tells it precisely where to place each and every stitch, when to stop on one color and switch to another color, etc. All of that is part of the digitizing process and the quality of the finished product is very much determined by the digitizing going into it and proper analysis and modifications of the artwork.

Embroidery is very much a manual and hands-on process. It is all about the attention to detail and it is important to have a trained operator who is constantly on their toes. The embroidery operator has to be watching every single step very carefully and closely; if a thread breaks or the tension changes, it could be detrimental for end product.

American Silkscreen brings years of expertise to every project which allows you to achieve the visions of your clients. One of our strengths is that we make it a comfortable transition and get to the end of the end of the road where everyone is happy and the client has a very good product.

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