Screen Printing

We take a 1 on 1 approach with our customers to get to know who they are and what their company is about. We believe the customer is a major player in the process and our job is to support them in creating a finished product that meets both their design and economic needs. Through this process we establish a deep understanding and feel comfortable completing all of the customers requests.

We have several top of the line M&R Carousel Printers including a Gauntlet 14 Color, a Challenger 3, the Gauntlet 2 10 Color station, and the Sportsman 8 Color. All printers have interchangeable screen sizes so that several jobs can move through the company at any one time. By offering a large number of colors we achieve a wide variety of color pallets.

The vast majority of our employees have been for us many years. Some have been with the company for 12-13 years and several have been with us for 30 or more. These individuals collectively bring 100+ years of experience to your project. The people that have chosen to be with us, share our philosophy; they enjoy creating quality products, and they take pride in their work. It is really a reflection of us as owners and founders in that we are generally concerned with the outcome of who and what we become responsible for.

We have been able to take our production processes and document and share those with other printers around the world and they have been able to achieve our product and that is a service that comes along with our experience. We have a large network of friends and associates which is beneficial because we can connect our customers to different professionals in our industry if we feel that it is outside our expertise. We also have the ability to oversee projects for custom designed fabrics and garments overseas for companies. We handle start to finish, production to receipt right here in the States.

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